2018 XC Report by Jim Court

19 Sep 2018

Meet Your 2018 Cross Country Captains/Leadership Group

Welcome and congratulations on the appointment of our Leadership Group for the 2018 XC Season;
Women:   Vanessa Kearney,  Nat Fleming, Lynsey Maher
Men:         Phil Hniat, Mick Davis, Grant Page


PREMIERSHIP LADDER (after round 16 at Kempton)

Women: NSAC 102,  SBHC 81, ESAC 70, TMA  38.5, OVA 36.5, UTAS 17

Men:  NSAC 100, SBHC 83.5,  ESAC 70.5, TMA 40.5, OVA 38.5, UTAS 20.5


Finale - Tolosa Park Relays 15th September

We have had some wild weather this season and some amazing luck in dodging it. Our luck ran out on Saturday when most of the Tolosa Park relay took place in wind and rain.

Under the circumstances, the decision to use the Club shade tents for shelter at the relay change and the other decision to put the eating area under the big canopy on the stage, were brilliant. We had cold runs with headwinds on the dam top and long waits in soggy clothing, but the 100 or so participants took it all in good part. The true cross country people are a resilient bunch.

The presentations were memorable for another reason. No trophies. Our supplier had not done the order. We had to make do with an announcement of all the winners and place getters and a promise to have some sort of presentation at a later date.

This event was not part of the inter club but the two relay shields were there to be won. In the past few years we have been used to winning these shields and this day we had little trouble in retaining them against less than serious opposition.

Northern Suburbs did not figure prominently early in the women’s competition. Three O/20 teams arrived before our O/40 team of Vanessa, Nat and Tania finished. However, our O/40 team did well to prevail over the only other O/40 team, a strong Sandy Bay combination.

Three minutes later our own O/20 team of Marcia, Hayley and Ambrosia finished, doing well to finish ahead of a competent Eastern Suburbs O/20 team.

Our U/15 team finished 7th and had the division all to themselves. We fielded two O/50 teams taking full advantage of our long list of competing O/50s. Carol, Karen Hooker and Adele finished 11th, ahead of a strong TMA O/40 team and the team of Margaret, Wendy and Tracey braced the wind and rain longer than anyone else to bring up the rear. In fact, because most of the competing teams were O/20 by virtue of an eclectic mix of age groups, our U/15s and O/50s could have won the relay shield by themselves.

Women’s Points (used to determine the shield winners)
Northern Suburbs 43, Sandy Bay 20, Eastern Suburbs 13, TMA 6, OVA 8

The men’s side had even less opposition than the women’s, fielding 8 of the 14 competitive teams. Most opposing teams were O/20s of mixed age groups and our own O/20s did pretty well in that group.

The feature of the men’s competition was the contest between our own men’s O/20 team of Grant, Phil and Nick Cox and a plucky U/20 team from OVA. The young fellows pushed our team all the way finishing just 11 seconds behind after Grant took charge of the final leg.

With all other teams more than 9 minutes behind the two leaders, third place went to our O/40 outfit of Mike Davis, Ken and Paul Henkel. Four other teams followed closely and the next of our teams to finish was the U/15 team of Dylan, Noah and Blake.

The last five teams in this 14 team competition were all ours. 10th place went to our first O/50 team of Anthony, Phil and Tim and in next place was a second O/20 team of Nick Laggar, Justin Henkel and Jamie.  After about 90 seconds a second O/40 team of James, Dominic and Scott arrived.

Our last two teams were a third O/20 team of Brad and Mike Sansom and David Cresswell and a second O/50 team of David Lucas, Danilo and Jim. They were at the tail of the men’s field but still made a good contribution to the point score.

Men’s Points (used to determine the shield winners)
Northern Suburbs 59, Eastern Suburbs 13, Sandy Bay 10, TMA 10, OVA 10

This brought the season to a conclusion. It has been another good season for Northern Suburbs in which we won both women’s and men’s premierships and rounded it off nicely with taking the two relay shields. We hope to see you all again next season.
Jim Court

Round 17 Runnymde Cross Country - 8th September

Our last cross country for the season took place on a superb day on the Lennon family property at Runnymede. A good field of around 100 gathered and everyone of them was glad to be there despite the prospect of “the hill”. The course itself follows farm trails and descends to a large dam, follows its banks for half a kilometre or so, skirts an olive tree orchard and suddenly reaches the hill. After you scale the hill, you have a generally downhill run to finish the lap. Then you get to do it again, three times if you are in the longer run. The property runs beef cattle and the cattle seem to linger around gates. A bit of careful navigation through gateways was required even though the cattle were no longer there.


Although numbers were down, both our teams secured wins for this round and reached “last ball’ centuries. The women’s team completed a perfect season of 17 consecutive wins.


The early finishers in the women’s 5 km included a steady flow of Northern Suburb arrivals, starting with mother and daughter pair Vanessa Kearney 2nd and Avalon Forbes 5th. Lisa McConnon 8th and Emma Henkel 9th followed.


Our O/50 contingent dominated the middle of the field. Adele Lucas 14th, Karen Hooker 15th, Carol Bristow 16th, Tracey McConnon 20th and Sharyn Thorpe 23rd won most of the top 7 places. Amongst them, the consistent Paige Rowlands in 19th place made yet another useful contribution. Anne McVilly and Margaret Horne were provided good support.


The small field in the women’s 10 km included five Northern Suburbs. Ruth Wilson 3rd and Tania Rowlands 4th were our top performers. Nat Fleming 7th, Ambrosia Negri 9th,  and Wendy Meadowcroft gave good support with Wendy toiling for over an hour to finish 11th.


Women’s Points: Northern Suburbs 99, Sandy Bay 56, Eastern Suburbs 46, TMA 24, OVA 9, UTAS 2 


The men’s 5 km featured an outstanding performance from UTAS member Isaac Bonsey who at the age of 12 years took 2nd place in a tough race. Paul Luttrell chased him home to take 3rd place.


Others came into prominence in the comparatively small field. U/15s Dylan Burnett 5th, Noah Proposch 9th, Blake Hooker 13th and Justin Henkel 15th took most of the points for their division with Brad Sansom 10th and Jayden Thornton 16th also making good contributions in the O/20s.


The more senior men also made their mark. Paul Henkel took 17th spot but 2nd in the sparse O/40 division. O/50s Phil Bakes 17th, Tim McConnon 21st and Dave Lucas 25th all contributed bonus points. Further back, Jim, Mike Sansom and Cresser accorded “the Hill” the respect it deserved showing that age can bestow wisdom, (the trouble is that this is all it bestows and not always).


In the 10 km Grant and Phil finally went head to head to determine the winner of the Athlete of the Season Award. However, we did not get a re-enactment of the Grant and Phil show because Phil could not reproduce the form which won him the event last year and for once Alex Humphrey prevailed to take second spot. Phil could well have been in recovery from last week’s half marathon.


Mike Davis returned in good form to take 5th place well ahead in the O/40 division and Mike Anderson 6th and Anthony Baines 7th  sorted out the top two places in the O/50s for us. 


Further good contributions came from Phil Hniat 15th, James Horne 16th and Jamie McConnon 17th all rewarded for taking on the demanding course.


Men’s Points:Northern Suburbs 125, Eastern Suburbs 63, Sandy Bay 44, UTAS 22, TMA 11 OVA 10


Round 16 Kempton Road -  1st September

The first day of spring looked distinctly wintery as once more we drove north on the Midlands Highway, threading our way through the road work sections with their yellow lines and long lines of bollards. We arrived at Kempton to find that the breeze was distinctly chilly. However, as so often happens, by the time the run was due to start, all this was forgotten. Amazingly, even the breeze gave a hint of spring in the air.

By the way, most people greatly over-estimate the delay caused by road works. At 60 kmph I took 3 min 38 secs to pass the longer section. At the highly illegal speed of120 kmph, it would have taken about 1 min 49 secs with a time saving of 1 min 49 secs.

Despite its status as the last round of the road championship, the total field was only just over 100. Northern Suburbs numbers were down as were most Clubs but we still managed to field nearly half of the field and won both men’s and women’s rounds. As the contenders in the women’s 4 km started to finish, Sandy Bay got off to the usual good start with three of the first four places. Vanessa Kearney was next to finish, just 15 seconds behind Anna Smee who has been dominating the O/40 division this season. Marcia Lucas followed, top in the O/20 division, a performance which took her to 2nd place in the Road Championships.

Our U/15s pretty well had the division to themselves and Avalon Forbes 10th, Emily Best 12th and Emma Henkel 13th scored heavily. Emma’s effort took her to second place in the U/15 Road Championship. Paige Rowlands finished 20th but 5th U/15 to put the icing on the cake. Ambrosia Negri had to contend with Ruby Smee and Ebony Webb in the U/20s but 12th place and 3rd place in the age group was a good contribution and boosted her to equal 2nd in the U/20 Road Championship.

Angela Proposch (a runner in her own right and not just Noah’s Mum), finished 14th and 4th in the O/40s. Bec de Courcy, in the same division finished further back but was 5th in the age group. Our O/50 contingent cannot match Francesca Smith and Sharon Coad but Adele Lucas, Karen Hooker, Carol Bristow finished close together to take the next three places in the age division and further back, Ann Holloway and Mary Stewart finished together to take the remaining bonus places. We got great support in the O/50s from Tracey, Anne, Julie, Margaret and Sharyn.

In the 8 km race, Lynsey Maher took an early lead and was unchallenged to finish 1st. Tania Rowlands took 4th place and achieved 3rd spot in the O/40 Road Championships Jane Johnston followed, taking top place in the O/50s and 2nd in the road Championships. Finishing further back, Nat Fleming 9th and Wendy Meadowcroft 12th also earned bonus points in the strong O/40 division.

Women’s Points
Northern Suburbs 118, Sandy Bay 91, Eastern Suburbs 40, TMA 16 

The men’s 4 km was won by Phil McConnon, who was resting in anticipation of the Ross Marathons the next day. Phil’s version of a rest was a 4 km race at 3:13 km pace. Nick Cox finished 5th, winning the U/20 Road Championship and Dylan Burnett came in 7th, hotly pursued by Anthony Baines who consolidated 2nd place in the O/50 Road Championship. Brad Sansom has been working through injury this season after being the go to for short run speed in previous years. Finishing 12th, he made a good contribution and hopefully is getting back into form. Dylan’s efforts in the U/15 division were well supported by Noah Proposch 13th. They now have taken second and third places in the Road Championships. Justin Henkel 23rd and Patrick Walker 30th, both scored bonus points with only a few of the U/15s from other Clubs competing.

We were well served by consistent runners Paul Henkel 15th (just missing 3rd place in the O/40 Road Championships) and Todd Heffernan 18th who normally is our top O/50 in the shorter race. Danilo Negri 22nd and Tim McConnon 25th gave good support.

Back up was provided by O/50 runners Dave Lucas, Mick Pace, Jim, and Mike Sansom. In the 8 km race, 16 of the 17 contenders were in the O/20, O/40 and O/50 divisions. Our top performers were Grant Page, who coasted to a win, and Mike Anderson who was 3rd overall and winner in the O/50s. Back up was important and was provided in the O/50s by Dave Obrien 7th and 2nd O/50, Phil Hniat 14th and 6th and David Cresswell 17th and 8th. Scott Barwick 10th and James Horne 15th took 3rd and 4th places in the O/40s and Jamie McConnon finished 12th which was 3rd in the Open Division

Men’s Points
Northern Suburbs 125, Sandy Bay 44, Eastern Suburbs 63, OVA 20, TMA 11

Round 15 Gellibrand Drive Cross Country -  18th August

We picked out a good day for the run in the Mortimer Bay Reserve, off Gellibrand Drive. The breeze was chilly but there were periods of sunshine to warm us up in the shelter of the pines. Wet feet were unavoidable on this course but the huge pool that I saw on our previous visit had shrunk to a series of puddles. One of these had to be skirted carefully as it stretched across the entire width of the trail but most of the course was dry enough.

For a flat course, this one is unexpectedly slow, rough in places and longer than most at 4.7 km and 9.3 km. Runners had an extra reason to do well. This was the last of the five individual cross country championship rounds and final places were still to be determine. Emily Best was already on top of the U/15 table but ensured first place with a solid run into 3rd place, 14 seconds ahead of the other contender, Metasabia Duggan.

Marcia Lucas finished 5th, well ahead of the rest of the O/20 contingent. Next to finish was Emma Henkel, who stepped up a gear for this one to finish a season high 7th place, securing 3rd place in the U/15 XC championship. Sarah Holmstom was 13th in another consistent effort and Suzanne Margetts chased two other O/40s to the line to take 17th place and 5th in her division.

Karen Hooker was the best of our O/50s and her 21st place put her second in the division. As usual, our other O/50s were supportive. Tracey McConnon in 33rd place would have been delighted with her 40 second improvement on last year’s time. Karen Weitnauer was 37th and Anne McVilly 39th.  All four were in top seven positions and had any failed, Margaret Horne was next in line. We also saw a useful effort from Paige Rowlands 28th and a first up performance from Anja Rolliston 31st, who is already ahead of some experienced runners.

In the energy sapping 9 km race, Lynsey Maher was our best with a 3rd place finish which earned her top place in the O/20 division for the race and 1st in the O/20 XC championships. Tania Rowlands finished 5th, a great effort but the women’s O/40 division has been the most competitive of all divisions this season. Sandy Bay’s Anna Smee has rarely been challenged but Tania’s performance left her equal 2nd in the O/40 XC championship. Next to finish was Ruth Wilson, making a welcome come back this season. It was no surprise to see Ambrosia Negri tackling a long, hard course and by finishing 8th, she secured top U/20 points and 3rd spot in the U/20 XC championships.

Women’s Points
Northern Suburbs 96, Eastern Suburbs 72, Sandy Bay 70, OVA 22, TMA 10 

The men’s team looked formidable, despite the absence of our two O/40 power houses, and even more so when Mike Anderson arrived on his bike. Phil McConnon took the short race for a change and won easily and pushed into equal 2nd place in the O/20 XC championship.Nick Cox was up against strong opposition in the U/20s but his finish in 7th place gave him second place in their XC championship.

Dylan Burnett finished 8th, a performance good enough to win him the U/15 XC championship. Anthony Baines also opted for the shorter race, finishing 10th and now shares top place in the O/50s XC championship. A solid run of Northern Suburbs followed. Dylan Pace 12th, Nicklas 13th, Brad Sansom 16th, Ben Hughes 17th, Ken Atkinson 18th, Dave Obrien 19th and Todd Heffernan 20th dominated their section of the race, making a big contribution.

Our other U/15s Blake Hooker, Justin Henkel and Patrick Walker finished further back but did well in their division and at the other end of the scale, Danilo Negri and Phil Bakes won the last of the O/50 bonus points. There is always a back up crowd in the O/50s and this was provided for this event by Dave Lucas, Ian, Jim and Cresser. Grant Page strode out to win the 9 km, for once trailed fairly closely by Alex Humphrey from Sandy Bay. Mike Anderson was next to arrive, well ahead in the O/50s.  Jamie McConnon 14th, James Horne 15th and Phil Hniat 17th all worked hard to earn their bonus points.

Men’s Points
Northern Suburbs 123, Sandy Bay 50, Eastern Suburbs 49, OVA 38, TMA 18, UTAS 18

Round 14 Bagdad Cross Country -  11th August

Looking out on an unpromising morning with clouds down to the top of the foothills, I wondered how many would want to drive 55 minutes to a challenging cross country event, along greasy roads which included 3 to 4 kilometres of narrow lanes through roadworks sections, defined by yellow lines and bounded by endless lines of red and grey bollards.

The answer was not very many which was a pity because I know Dale McPherson spends quite a lot of time clearing out the course. Also, as we travelled north, the clouds thinned out and when we arrived at the McPhersons’ property, there was even a hint of blue skies in the west.  Nevertheless, it was a cheerful group of runners which had gathered near start time. Half of them were Northern Suburbs faithful which gave us a big advantage.

It was a day when some of our many support runners did well and we are fortunate indeed to have them when we need them.
As the women’s 4 km runners began to finish, Sandy Bay made a great start amassing 28 points from the first four places. Top point winners Emily Best, 3rd, Sarah Holmstrom 5th and Hannah Maree 6th got the team back into a competitive position and after that the team prospered. U/15s Emma Henkel 9th and Paige Rowlands 10th were 3rd and 4th in their division and our senior athletes Karen Hooker 11th, Ann Holloway 13th Mary Stewart 15th, Karen Weitnauer 16th and Anne McVilly 17th dominated the middle placings of the race, winning most of the O/50 bonus points.

Nat Fleming and Amanda Maree took conservative approaches finishing back in the field but 5th and 6th in the O/40 division.  Anita Welsh finished 20th and 3rd O/20 and if further back up was needed we had Margaret Horne and Lynne Sansom as sweepers. Lynne seems to have walked by herself for once.

The 7 km requires two laps of the hard part and only one experience of the downhill run to the finish. In a minute field, Ruth Wilson came 2nd taking the top O20 place and Tania Rowlands finished 3rd and 2nd O/40. Ambrosia Negri, who enjoys the challenge of a demanding run, finished 7th as the only U/20.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 101, Sandy Bay 67, TMA 31, Eastern Suburbs 17, OVA 12

In the men’s 4 km, U/20 Nick Cox stormed into 2nd place beating the only other U/20 by 4 seconds. Our four U/15s had the division all to themselves meaning that Dylan Burnett, 6th, Blake Hooker 12th, Justin Henkel 16th and the fast finishing Patrick Walker 26th, took the four top places in their division.

Richard Welsh and Nicklas Laggar took 6th and 7th places, making up for our lack of O/20s in the longer race. Brad Sansom finished 19th.

Paul Henkel 9th topped the O/40 division and Todd Heffernan 10th was the most successful of our O/50s. Our other bonus point scorers were Phil Bakes who finished 19th and Tim McConnon 22nd who was testing his sore Achilles on the slopes.
The rear guard consisting of Jim, Ian, Mike and Ken ran cunningly and conservatively to give Northern Suburbs a strong representation at that end of the race.

The 7 km field remarkably consisted of one O/20, two O/40s with the majority in the O/50 group. The O/40s were both ours with Mike Davis finishing nearly a minute ahead of the field and James Horne working hard to finish in 9th place.

Mike Anderson was 2nd over the line, Anthony Baines 4th, Peter Hoskinson 6th and Phil Hniat 10th with this group mopping up most of the points in the O/50 division.

The men’s team finished well ahead in this round.

Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 121, Sandy Bay 40, Eastern Suburbs 35, TMA 13 OVA 8, UTAS 6

Round 13: Baskerville - 4th August 
It seemed very early in the morning to get to Baskerville, an isolated raceway set in the countryside. The shelter area was draughty, the notice boards would not stand up and Eastern Suburbs erected their shade tent under the shelter.

As more arrived many a mention of “the hill” was heard and indeed this monster is probably responsible for the small entry in the 8 km which requires four ascents of this slope.

The race got underway, both groups starting together catching some of us off guard, waiting for the customary two minute pause. Fortunately, those who really cared were at the head of the field.

As happens so often in the women’s short race, Northern Suburbs is not prominent amongst the leaders but very solidly represented in three of the age groups.

Marcia Lucas, 7th, Sarah Holmstrom 9th, Lisa McConnon 16th and Jess McDonald 18th took the top four places in the open division. The O/50 contingent is huge and this event saw the return of Mary Stewart 38th and Ann Holloway 36th. No one in the group can challenge Sharon Coad but with the help of Adele Lucas 22nd, Karen Hooker 24th, Judy Limbrick 31st and Tracey McConnon 37th, this group took most of the remaining top seven places. Amongst them was Angela Proposch who finished 32nd making a useful contribution in the O/40s.

Our younger contingent was a little down in strength. However Emily Best 12th was the best of the U/15s even running conservatively to protect a slight niggle. Ambrosia Negri 17th was back from holidays to give us some representation in the highly competitive U/20 division. Gabrielle Larsson, also made a good contribution in finishing 26th. Emma Henkel 18th and Paige Rowlands 27th performed well on the demanding course and finished in the top seven of the U/15 division.

Happily, the women’s team was back to its normal strength and this meant the security of a huge support group consisting of Renee, Karen, Julie, Margaret, Kerrie, Karina, Lynne and Anne.

In the difficult 8 km race, our women were not only solid, but dominant. Aside from Francesca Smith who cannot be matched at present, we saw Lynsey Maher 2nd, Tania Rowland 4th and Ruth Wilson 5th take top or near top positions in their age divisions. Nat Fleming 9th and Wendy Meadowcroft 15th also kept us competitive in the powerful O/40 division and Jane Johnstone’s 10th place would have been the top in the O/50 group any other year, but this year Francesca practically owns the division.

Overall it was a good effort for a team back to normal size and it produced a comfortable win.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 133, Sandy Bay 91, Eastern Suburbs 50, TMA 16 OVA 12

The men’s display in the 4 km did not initially suggest success. However, solid contributions were frequent.  Nick Cox was our best and in taking 5th place he also topped the U/20s. the consistent Dylan Burnett followed in 7th place, 3rd in the U/15s.

Paul Henkel took 17th place and Nick Laggar 19th, both in top seven positions. Noah Proposch ran well as usual and his 21st placing was 5th in the U/15s. Add Justin Henkel, who fought hard on the tough course and Ken Atkinson who finished just behind him and we have all of our bonus points winners.

However, we had a large support group which included Brad 29th and Jayden who is getting in some good times, Danilo, the rejuvenated David Lucas and Patrick Walker who is improving every run. Add in Ian, Cresser, Mike Sansom, Jim and walkers Mike Pace, Tim and Ken and we have a mighty collective making a good contribution.

In contrast the 8 km was a gold mine for the men’s team. The Grant and Phil Show ran as usual with Phil finishing just 15 seconds behind Grant. Damon Court, took 4th place, pushed in the first two laps by UTAS runner Geoff Gibbons who turned out to be doing the 4 km race. Mike Davis was next to finish and when Anthony Baines and Mike Anderson finished 6th and 7th the men had the top two places in all of the age groups who competed. (There were no U/15s or U/20s).

If that was not enough, James Horne 13th, Phil Hniat 14th, Jamie McConnon 15th and Martin Weitnauer 16th, all were rewarded for taking on the season’s toughest road race with a swag of bonus points.

This one, the men won fairly easily.

Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 121, Sandy Bay 81, Eastern Suburbs 40, TMA 26 OVA 18, UTAS 15



Under 12 Men 3km 3rd Noah Proposch 12.11

Under 12 Women 3km 4th Emma Henkel 13.33

Under 14 Men 3km 10th Justin Henkel 13.30

Under 14 Women 3km 2nd Emily Best 12.04 11th Paige Rowlands 19.35

Under 20 Women 6km 1st Meriem Daoui 22.36

Open men 10km 2nd Grant Page 33.51 3rd Phillip McConnon 35.16 9th Damon Court 37.07 11th Paul Luttrell 40.56 17th Nicholas Cox 44.34 18th Nicklas Laggar 47.10

Open Women 10km 2nd Melanie Daniels 40.18 4th Vanessa Kearney 46.07 6th Lynsey Maher 48.04 9th Sarah Holmstrom 50.21 10th Tania Rowlands 51.02 16th Wendy Meadowcroft 1.04.24

Over 50 Men 8km 1st Michael Anderson 32.58 2nd Anthony Baines 33.09 7th Peter Hoskinson 36.01 12th David O’Brien 40.39 13th Tim McConnon 48.27

Over 50 Women 8km 3rd Judy Limbrick

Over 60 Men 6km 2nd David Lucas 39.36

Over 60 Women 6km 1st Adele Lucas 35.07 2nd Carol Bristow 35.43

NSAC Team medallists 1st Open Women 2nd Open Men 1st Over 50 Men 2nd Over 40 Women


The Tasmanian Cross Country Championships were held under good conditions for the athletes, except for some headwind near the water. It was decidedly chilly for the onlookers who seem to congregate near the road where there was maximum exposure to the light westerly wind.

The program commenced with the U/12 3 km events. Here, Emma Henkel took 4th place and was well ahead of the remainder of the field. Noah Proposch finished 3rd but he was just 14 seconds behind the leader.

The U/14s also had a 3 km course. Emily Best had a great struggle with Metasabia Duggan and finished in 2nd place just a second behind. Justin Henkel found himself in a strong field and finished 10th, nevertheless with a good time.

Meriem Daoui contested the women’s U/20 6 km and won easily against a field containing ultra fast juniors Ebony Webb and Ruby Smee.

The O/50s and O/60s also had their day. There were some big fields but many of the participants were only in the TMA section and their times and finishing places are not yet available.
Mike Anderson and Anthony Baines cleared right out in the 8 km race to finish 1st and 2nd. Dogged displays by Peter Hoskinson, Dave O'Brien and Tim McConnon produced a silver team medal as well.

Judy Limbrick was our sole rep. in the Women’s 8 km after Julie pulled out and was rewarded with a medal for 3rd place. The O/60s had 6 km to achieve, quite enough it is thought for this age group. Adele Lucas and Carol Bristow had this one all to themselves but still had to work hard for their hardware. Likewise, David Lucas worked hard for his silver medal in the men’s O/60. Ian Cole also contested the 6 km course in stately fashion.

This leaves the men’s and women’s open 10 km race, deservedly regarded as the climax of the day. The race was combined with the O/40s who raced over the same distance with a double chance of being included in both fields.  Mel Daniels, who never seems to be out of form, was the only real challenge to Millie Clark, Australian marathon representative at Rio, who entered the championships representing UTAS. Mel chased hard but finished behind her but 2nd place is still a good achievement.

Vanessa Kearney has not had much of a chance to prepare for a 10 km but did well to finish 4th and 2nd O/40. Lynsey Maher, Sarah Holmstrom, Tania Rowlands and Wendy Meadowcroft also completed the demanding course assuring Northern Suburbs of at least one team medal. Nat Fleming was also spotted trailing Tania but keeping in touch.

The field for the men’s open and O/40 featured several capable UTAS runners, mostly from the Northern Campus. One of them, Dylan Evans, upset what would have been another Grant and Phil show by taking an early lead which he gradually extended until he finished. Grant at least kept him in sight finishing 2nd with Phil coming in 3rd.  Damon Court took off like a man on a mission maintained this pace throughout to finish 9th overall. As far as the O/40 field was concerned, he left all far behind, probably spurred on by the presence of Mick Davis, to win the O/40 section. Paul Luttrell toiled hard for 11th place assuring a silver medal for the Northern Suburbs Team. Nick Cox and Nicklas Laggar also ran finishing well in a tough event.


Round 12 - Domain - The Froggy Wise Handicap - 14th July

You might expect it to be warmer when you start 1 hour later than usual but it was still freezing around 11 am on one of those winter days which never seem to warm up. A reasonable field had gathered at the Domain loop. Handicaps are not liked by everybody even when they are also inter-clubs. Walkers avoid these events perhaps preferring the obscurity of the back of the field to their promotion to the van guard.

As expected, the bulk of the 4.4 km runners finished long before the 9.6 km runners came in. Sharyn Thorpe finished 4 minutes ahead of the field to snag one of the Froggy Wise Trophies. Jess McDonald achieved a good time in finishing 5th and Wayne Fletcher put in a rare appearance taking 8th place. Paul Henkel came 11th, achieving one of his best times for the season. Avalon Forbes and Marcia Lucas strove hard to take 13th and 14th places after starting over 20 minutes behind.

A three-way battle for first place was a feature of the 9.6 km race with the first two given equal times and the following runner just 2 second behind. In the end, Wendy Meadowcroft took the trophy making it a double for Northern Suburbs women.

Grant Page was exceptional in taking 5th place after starting 43:50 minutes after “go”. Only gun runner, Isaac Heynes started later than Grant (but Grant was 26 seconds faster anyway), so Grant passed all but four of the rest of the field. Anthony Baines and Mike Davis also made the scoreboard in 11th and 13th places.

For the inter club competition, the battle was based on speed. With every runner separated for his or her usual cohort, the inter club was really a heap of speed trials with the disadvantage of having to get past the runners in front.

In this aspect the women’s team looked down in strength and vulnerable. In the 4.4km, the Sandy Bay O/40 women looked formidable but fortunately Vanessa Kearney regained form to finish 4th overall and 2nd O/40. Nat Fleming in 19th place also scored as an O/40.

Avalon Forbes was our best U/15 finishing 10th and 2nd in her division. Emma Henkel finished 17th, 4th in the U/15s and just a few seconds off 3rd place. Bridie Horne managed a top seven spot from 27th place.

In an awesome display by the O/20 women, Sarah Holmstrom, 6th, Marcia Lucas 9th, Lisa McConnon 18th, Hayley Sansom 20th and Jess McDonald 22nd took most of the O/20 bonus points.  Karen Hooker 26th, again led our O/50 contingent and support came from Carol Bristow, 31st and Judy Limbrick 34th. We   had a good back up crew in Paige, Tracey, Sharyn, Julie and Margaret but we have been missing our large squad of walkers lately and not just on the course.

Lynsey Maher was possibly a reluctant starter in the 9.6 km but finished with easily the top time. Tania Rowlands was 4th overall and 3rd in the strong group of O/40s in the field. Wendy had the 10th time but picked up 6th place in the O/40s.

The final tally saw Northern Suburbs in 1st place, just 10 points ahead of Sandy Bay-not a big margin but it keeps open the chance for an undefeated season.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 94, Sandy Bay 84, Eastern Suburbs 53, OVA 4, TMA 26, UTAS 3

The men were back to normal strength and recorded their biggest win of the season. In the 4.8 km race, Phil McConnon finished well ahead of the field on time and Damon Court took second place. Nick cox finished 8th, 3rd in the U/20s and younger runners, Dylan Burnett and Noah Proposch finished with 9th and 18th overall times to take the 3rd and 5th places in the U/15s.

Nicklas Laggar, Brad Sansom and Ben Hughes gave good support, finishing 15th 16th and 19th to take the last three top 7 places in the O/20s.  In the O/40 division, Paul Henkel 20th with Ken Atkinson 22nd took 4th and 5th spots.

Justin Henkel finished with a time 2 seconds faster than Blake Hooker in what might have been an interesting tussle but their handicaps kept them a long way apart.

Our O/50 contingent of Tim McConnon, Al Coleman, David Lucas and Mike Stevenson scored heavily in their division and there was plenty of backing from Dom, Martin, Jayden, Ian, Mike Pace, Jim, Wayne and Mike Sansom. 

In the 9.6 km, Grant of course, had the top time, and he got good support from Damon Nichols whose time was 4th overall and second in the O/20 division.  Mike Davis was back, as competitive as ever, taking 3rd place and top in the O/40 division. Anthony Baines achieved the best time in the O/50 group, just 1 second quicker than Michael Anderson.

James Horne finished 17th but 4th in the O/40s and Phil Hniat returned from his Queensland holiday, unfortunately still with a dodgy ankle, to finish 18th.

Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 138, Sandy Bay 58, Eastern Suburbs 38, TMA 37, OVA 28, UTAS 12

Round 11 - Grove Cross Country - 7th July

For those who love getting up early on a Saturday morning and driving kilometres on slippery roads to a venue of wet grass and muddy patches, this week’s run at Grove was ideal. There was some morning sunshine in Hobart but on the other side of Vinces Saddle, the clouds loomed large and the rain came down.
However, if you really wanted to show your (fool) hardiness with a run through gale force winds and soaking showers, you would have been disappointed. By the time the run started, the clouds had thinned out with even a suggestion of sunshine and while we were running, it was calm and dry. Most of the problems came from the course which had several muddy patches including a “compulsory” slush pit near the end which apparently spared those with spikes from running the solidly compacted track. The course through the orchard has several right-angle corners, a couple of them slippery and dangerously canted. Despite this, there was a good field for the event and nearly all seemed to enjoy the experience.


A resurgent Eastern Suburbs strongly contested both the men’s and women’s events and with Sandy Bay also highly competitive, we saw a genuine three-way contest in both men’s and women’s divisions. We were without some of our usual runners but were fortunate to regain Mike Anderson, Peter Hoskinson, Jess McDonald and Ruth Wilson. Mike is just back from a ironman event on the Big Island of Hawaii with 30 degree temperatures and volcanic clouds over Mount Kilauea but he slotted right in.


In the women’s 4 km, the U/15s Emily Best 3rd, Avalon Forbes 16th and Emma Henkel 22nd all performed well, winning top 7 places in their division and while Paige Rowland (33rd) finished out of the top 7, we know she is always there when needed.
Marcia Lucas 5th and Sarah Holmstrom 10th took the top places in the O/20 group with Caitlin Barnett 17th and newly returned Jess McDonald 28th giving excellent support.


In the O/50s, Francesca Smith and Sharon Coad were a class apart but Adele Lucas 31st, Karen Hooker 32nd, Carol Bristow 38th, Judy Limbrick 42nd and Tracy McConnon 43rd took the rest of the top 7 places in a formidable display.  Our low numbers in U/20 and O/40 made us vulnerable but Vanessa Kearney 13th and Gabrielle Larsson 27th were able to make significant contributions.


O/40 runners dominated the women’s 8km providing over half the total field. With such strong competition, Tania Rowlands did well to take 6th place (4th in the O/40s). Wendy Meadowcroft, typically hard working, again toiled for over an hour on the demanding course. O/20 runner Lynsey Maher took 3rd place and 1st in the O/20s and former top runner, Ruth Wilson made a welcome return, finishing in 9th place and 3rd O/20.


Our women won this one again, keeping alive their hopes for an undefeated season. Eastern Suburbs surprised by taking second place.


Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 101, Eastern Suburbs 82, Sandy Bay 71, OVA 27, TMA 27, UTAS 8


Our men’s ranks looked a bit thin in the 4 km race in which our best runners were Paul Luttrell who took 3rd place and Dylan Burnett, back from injury, who finished 11th, just two seconds behind OVA’s William Robertson who has been dominating the U/15s this season.  Nick Laggar, who has been a regular top seven finisher in the O/20s this season, finished 19th and Ken Atkinson 22nd with Paul Henkel 24th made useful contributions in the O/40 division.


Ben Hughes 26th has been tantalisingly close to a top 7 place in the O/20s several times this season and this time and this time missed out by just 4 seconds. Tim McConnon in 48th place was more fortunate and finished 7th in the O/50s.


There are quite a few U/15s running these days but it is good to know that we have Justin Henkel 41st and Blake Hooker 45th amongst them ready to move up.  Alan, David, Mike and Jim were back up with Brett offering support.


In contrast to the 4km race, we had several top performers in the much smaller 8 km field.


Grant and Phil did their usual thing although first place went to Isaac Heynes, a hugely talented U/20 runner who apparently becomes available at this time of the year.


Damon Court took 5th place and top spot in the O/40s. Mike Anderson finished 7th, best of the O/50s, Nick Cox 8th in another excellent effort and Anthony Baines 9th, second to Mike in the O/50s.  Peter Hoskinson 16th and James Horne 19th finished further back but still in top seven positions, giving a useful boost to the overall points score.


Northern Suburbs finished on top for this round and Eastern Suburbs took the points for second place.


Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 98, Eastern Suburbs 82, Sandy Bay 77, TMA 27, UTAS 22, OVA 19



Round 10 - Hobart College - 23rd June

With the balmy autumn days now a distant memory, Saturday morning was cold and clammy. This was not very encouraging for the setup crew which arrived at 8:30 am to find that we were not alone. There was a big concert on and the parking lots soon filled up. The increased traffic required some extra care as the course uses the roads around the college but in the end, we managed to coexist with the theatre crowd. As the races started, the course itself presented more problems. It was always going to be rough but overnight rain had produced some muddy patches and big puddles.

Both Northern Suburbs teams were down in strength for this round and while the women’s team won narrowly, keeping its perfect record intact, the men’s team was pipped by a well performed Sandy Bay team.

As finishers in the women’s 4.5 km started to arrive, U/15s Metasabia Duggan and Emily Best took the first two places in this demanding race Anna Smee would have been a contender had she not stopped to help a young club member who fell in the first 100 m.

Marcia Lucas came 5th, the forerunner of a group of Northern Suburbs O/20 runners who took nearly all the top 7 places. These included Sarah Holmstrom, 6th, Lisa Mcconnon, 9th, Caitlin Barnett, 11th (stepping up a notch on a tough course) and Hayley Sansom 14th. Even Anita Welsh in 29th place took the last bonus point getting the nod on the result sheet over Jess Palmero who tied with her- a bit lucky but Northern Suburbs will take it.

In 7th place went to ex member Kelsey McNally, back on a visit from Queensland.  Consistent contributor, Hannah Maree finished 17th and Paige Rowlands effort to take 20th place earned her 3rd spot in the U/15s.

Our O/50s also made an impact. Karen Hooker in 19th place was again our top in that division and she was followed by Adele Lucas 21st, Carol Bristow 24th and Judy Limbrick 27th collectively winning a large slice of the bonus points.  Our rear guard was down in numbers on the day but Karen, Anne, Bec, Sharyn, Marg, Mandy, Kerrie and Lynne made an important contribution to a narrow win.

Only three of us took on the harrowing 9 km which required two laps of the course including a second trudge up “Heartbreak Hill”. However, in a small field they made a big impact. Tania Rowlands took 5th place, 2nd in the O/40s and although Tracey McConnon and Wendy Meadowcroft took over an hour to finish, they both scored well in the small but valiant field.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 102, Sandy Bay 86, OVA 43, Eastern Suburbs 42, TMA 18, UTAS 12

Paul Luttrell at last got ahead of Chris Sullivan in the men’s 4.5 km only to encounter another Sandy Bay runner, Matthew Cunningham who finished in front. In fact, the top ten had five Sandy Bay runners and this was a major factor in the win by the Bay.

Nick Cox continued to prosper, finishing 5th and top in the U/20s. Nicklas Laggar took 14th place and 7th in the O/20 group and Todd Heffernan’s effort in 16th put him 2nd in the O/50s. Ben Hughes 17th, Brad Sansom 23rd and Blake Hooker 27th finished further back and Tim McConnon 30th and Phil Bakes 31st took the last two top seven places in the O/50s.

The contributors from the back part of the field included David Lucas, Jim, Ian, Mike Sansom, Richard and John Dalco. Richard carried Harriet in a sling on a course ill-suited for prams.

In the 9 km, four runners broke well clear of the field. Two were Grant and Phil with Phil having to hold off Alex Humphrey to secure 2nd place. Damon Court took 4th spot not far behind Alex.  Anthony Baines 6th and Dave O'Brien 8th were prominent in the following pack and James Horne in 14th place was 4th in the O/40s.

Martin Weitnauer finished 15th and Phil Hniat came in 18th. Phil is off to Queensland for a couple of weeks and hopefully will have recovered from his foot injury on his return. 

Men’s Points:  Sandy Bay 98, Northern Suburbs 94, Eastern Suburbs 48, OVA 27, TMA 20, UTAS 6


Round 9: Dark Clouds Over Huntingfield - 16th June

On Saturday, we awoke to the sight of grey skies and large, black clouds coming over the mountain. It seemed that winter had caught up with us at last and we were going to have a wet run. Somehow, we dodged the bullet. The clouds thinned with even a fleeting glimpse of the sun, and although it stayed decidedly chilly, we enjoyed good conditions for running. On Sunday we learned to appreciate the weather we had on Saturday.

The course at Huntingfield had to be changed. After the April deluge, we could not cross the main creek to the section of fields and grassland. Instead we stayed on one side of it and went out and back. This made the course even longer at 5.5 km a lap but at least this way we saw the leaders in the short race and quite a few of the runners in the longer race.

With our top U/15s running conservatively for once (probably because they had already raced during the week) it was left to the O/20s in the form of Marcia Lucas 8th and Sarah Holmstrom, 9th and Lisa Mcconnon 13th to start the scoring in the 5.5 km race. Bridie Horne took 19th place in one of her best performances and consistent performers Hannah Maree and Gabrielle Larsson finished just 6 seconds apart in 22nd and 23rd places.

Not long after, four Northern suburbs runners came in, only seconds apart. Karen Hooker excelled on the demanding course taking 26th spot and second in her division. Emma Henkel showed her usual stamina to finish 27th, just ahead of the ever-reliable Adele Lucas. 28th place went to Paige Rowlands, another who stepped up a notch on the day. Caitlin Barnett took the last bonus points in the O/20 division, finishing 31st and O/50s, Carol Bristow, Mary Stewart, Tracey McConnon and Suzanne Margetts finished further back but achieved top seven positions.

As usual, there was strong support from the walkers or joggers who turn up each week. They numbered 17 and made a big contribution.

The women’s 11 km saw Lynsey Maher (2nd overall), Tania Rowlands 3rd and Ambrosia Negri 8th, finish top of their age divisions. There was great support from Nat Fleming 6th and 3rd O/40 and Wendy Meadowcroft who was out there for nearly one and a half hours to get an extra point for 7th in the O/40s.

The women’s team were comfortable winners of this round and look to have a big chance of completing the season undefeated.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 118, Sandy Bay 86, Eastern Suburbs 70, OVA 24, TMA 15

Phil McConnon 1st and Paul Luttrell 3rd got us off to a good start in the men’s 5.5 km.

Dylan Burnett came 10th, easily top of the U/15 division. Nicklas Laggar finished 15th and Todd Heffernan 17th, a few seconds ahead of Ben Hughes. Paul Henkel our top O/40 on the day was not far back in 19th place.

Our other U/15s included Blake Hooker who finished 31st in one of his better efforts and new member Justin Henkel who came in next earning 4 points for his first run with us. Tim McConnon, 39th, managed 6th place in his division.

The men’s team does not have quite the entourage of walkers and joggers as the women’s team but 9 members plus a supporter still make a significant contribution.

The 11 km was won by Grant Page, (not really a surprise) and Damon Court in his most successful run this season finished 3rd. Mike Davis took 5th spot and Anthony Baines finished 6th after holding off TMA runner, Tony McIntyre for top spot in the O/50s. Nick Cox again impressed by taking 10th place and he was followed in by Dave O'Brien. James Horne arrived in 21st place, 5th in the O/40s,the division which he graduated to this season. Phil Hniat, despite injury, spent over an hour to finish the two laps of the course.

The men had another good win this round and look secure in their defence of the title.

Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 115, Sandy Bay 76, Eastern Suburbs 52, TMA 45, UTAS 14, OVA 10

Rd 8: Ridgeway - 9th June

It was a comparatively warm morning, but it was decidedly chilly in the shade of the eucalypts at the picnic area just outside Ridgeway. The 5 km course follows the road from Ridgeway to the Huon Highway with a section of undulations and bends at the start. At 9 am the work group closing the road was ready and waiting and by 10 am there were nearly 200 competitors ready to start.

This race is a memorial to Max Cherry, remembered mostly for his work as a Sandy Bay coach. It is also round 3 of the road championship and this year, it was also a handicap race. The women’s team eventually recorded a comfortable win this round but all our U/20s and most of our O/20s joined the drift to the 5 km so that in the 2.5 km race we depended heavily on our U/15s and more senior runners. They did not let us down. Emily Best finished in 3rd place only a second behind Anna Smee. Fellow U/15s, Avalon Forbes and Emma Henkel came in 8th and 13th giving excellent support. Paige Rowlands was further back in 23rd place but her effort gave her 2nd place in the handicap section.

Tenth place went to Marcia Lucas, and then it was left to our more senior runners to make their marks. Karen Hooker finished 22nd, 2nd in her age division, Vanessa Kearney, running conservatively for once, took 14th spot and others to achieve bonus points were Judy Limbrick 28th, Corrine McCallum 31st, Anne McVilly 33rd, Bec de Courcy 34th and Julie Pace 35th. At the tail of the field, our consistent group of joggers, walkers and pram pushers , included Jenny, Ebony, Karina, Kerrie, Amanda, Bec, Frankie and Lynne.

In addition to Paige, Avalon 5th, Anne 7th and Julie 12th all scored points in the handicap section.

We had most of our top women running in the 5 km with Mel Daniels finishing 1st ahead of Meriem Daoui in 2nd place. The strong back up performances from Lynsey Maher 4th, Tania Rowlands 9th, Ambrosia Negri 10th, Nat Fleming 12th, Jane Johnston 14th gave us a swag of bonus points in all the competing age groups (there were no U/15 girls in the 5 km).

Northern Suburbs runners continued to finish at regular intervals. Hayley Sansom in 20th place was followed in by Caitlin Barnett 22nd, Hannah Maree 23rd, Carol Bristow 25th and Angela Proposch 31st. Margaret Horne came in at the end of the field but won a couple of points for the team as a reward for her effort.
Carol and Hayley also won points in the handicap race section finishing 7th and 12th.

The men also won comfortably despite strong participation from the opposing teams.  In the men’s 2.5 km, Paul Luttrell opened our account finishing second to Chris Sullivan. Dylan Burnett, getting back to top form, took 6th place and basketballer Dylan Pace made a great contribution by finishing 11th.Brad Sansom, another runner getting back in form, was not far behind in 13th.
In 18th place, long term member Jamie McConnon finished just ahead of our top O/50, Todd Heffernan. Youngster Henry Forbes, who is beginning to blossom at distance running, was 21st and he was followed by the imposing quartet of Ben Hughes 24th, Justin Henkel 25th, Paul Henkel 26th and Blake Hooker 27th.
Cameron Sansom took 25th place just ahead of Tony Sansom who was released from pram duty and allowed to run. Tony’s performance made him a runaway winner of the handicap competition.

We were represented in the back half by O/50s runners Alan Coleman, Mike Pace, Mike Stevenson, Jim Court and Mike Sansom. Jim and Mike Pace also won points in the handicap section.

The men’s 5 km gave us a repeat of the Grant and Phil show. This time however, Phil had to fight hard to finish 2nd, a few seconds ahead of Nathan Morey and Alex Humphrey.
Fifth spot went to Mike Davis with Damon Court a few seconds behind in 7th place.

Nick Cox achieved a huge improvement on his last year’s run taking 10th place and topping the U/20 division. Dylan Forbes and Anthony Baines took 13th and 14th places, just 3 seconds apart and Trent Hirst finished 18th.

Noah Proposch, one of our younger members is already running at less than 4 minute kilometre pace. This day he took 22nd place in a field of top runners and was easily the best of the U/15s. Dave O'Brien finished just behind him, limited by injury but still effective. Andrew Buckley, another useful runner finished 25th and 6th O/40.

There were a host of other contributors including Martin, Scott, James, Phil Hniat (running gingerly on a damaged heel), Tim, Phil Bakes, Danilo, Dave Lucas and Dave Cresswell.

Dave O'Brien’s performance earned him 7th place in the handicap section.

Women’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 136, Eastern Suburbs 73, Sandy Bay 95, UTAS 24, TMA 18, OVA 10
Men’s Points:  Northern Suburbs 133, Sandy Bay 87, Eastern Suburbs 70, TMA 33, OVA 26, UTAS 23

Round 7  Opossum Bay - 26th May

The first thing we noticed at Opossum Bay when we got out of our warm cars was the chilly breeze coming from the north eastern side of the point. As the day progressed, it got a little warmer, but the breeze was still in your face for the beach section.

The first part of the course includes all of Shelly Beach which gives way to a grassy trail leading to the highest point of the coastline. Here you veer left and follow the trail as it loops along the cliff top. Eventually you turn left again and take the trail which heads back to the start. By some trick of geography, the return trail is a lot shorter than expected although the uphill 300 m at the end is not what you need at that point. This is a course which seems to reach just the right balance between being hard enough to give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish but not too hard to make you sorry you even started it. It is hard to find a more attractive environment for a run.

In the women’s 4.5 km, our main rival, Sandy Bay got off to a great start, taking the first three places and amassing 30 points very quickly. Emily Best 4th and Sarah Holmstrom 6th restored our position somewhat and were strongly supported by Suzanne Margetts 12th, Lisa McConnon 13th and the rapidly improving Hayley Sansom 15th.

Sound performances by underage runners, Emma Henkel 18th, Hannah Maree 19th and Gabrielle Larsson 20th further improved our position as Sandy Bay began to run out of runners and some of the Eastern Suburb women began to make their mark. A formidable trio from the O/50 division, Adele Lucas, Karen Hooker and Carol Bristow came in 22nd, 24th and 26th making a big impact. The latter part of the race was full of Northern Suburbs runners. Anita, Paige, Tracey, Renee, Kerrie, Anne, Bec, Margaret, Amanda, Julie, Karina, Kerrie, Angela and Jenny all made their contributions and helped the team into a good position.

The demanding 9 km was won by Meriem Daoui, probably running conservatively fashion but still winning by over 4 minutes. Tania Rowlands and Nat Fleming took 5th and 6th places (2nd and 3rd in the O/40s) and Ambrosia Negri, who likes a challenge, finished 9th, and second only to Meriem in the U/20 division. Wendy Meadowcroft finished 19th in a typically dogged performance.

The women’s team finished well ahead in this round while Eastern Suburbs caused a minor upset by narrowly beating Sandy Bay for second place.

The men’s scoring was opened by Paul Luttrell who took 2nd place in the 4.5 km. Nick Cox continued to improve in taking 4th place and Shannon Allen followed in 5th spot. Dylan Burnett was the best of our U/15s, finishing 11th, Nicklas Laggar took 14th place just ahead of young runner, Noah Proposch, who was 3rd in the U/15 division.

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