Cross Country 2021

11 May 2021

2021 Cross Country Season 

Rd 1:  Bellerive Beach: Wild Weather for Season Opener 10th April
The season opener at Bellerive Beach will always be remembered for the wild squall which swept over the field shortly after the race start. Many of the 6 km runners were in the dubious shelter provided by the trees and bushes on Howrah Bluff, but most of the field in the 3 km was still on Bellerive Beach. Well, we had enough near-horizontal rain with a touch of hail to remind us why this is called a winter competition. On a positive note, the worst of the wind was blowing more or less the right way and the usual crowd of cyclists, dog walkers and strollers stayed away giving the runners freedom of the beaches.

To the race performances and we find that the new age groups have brought a different set of athletes into prominence. Vanessa led our women’s team in the 3.5 km race taking second place to Anna Smee, who won by a big margin. Both are in the new O/45 group. Sarah, in good form after a consistent track season, finished 5th and 1st in the new O/23 group. Tania Rowlands was a welcome sight, returning after missing the COVID year, to take 10th place and 4th in the O/23s incidentally, back in the top division after a stint in the now defunct O/40s. Twelfth place and 4th U/16 went to Avalon who has been in red hot form on the track this season. Adele Lucas who was an unbeatable O/50 a few years ago finished 15th and first in the new O/60 group.  Eighteenth and nineteenth places were taken by Anita Welsh (7th O/23) and Ella Nichols (5th U/16).

A block of four Northern Suburbs runners were our next to finish in 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th places. Leading this group was newcomer Lilla Douris with a useful performance which gained her 3rd place in the U/23 division. Next was another newcomer Jane Brooks of the O/23 division and not far behind in 25th place, Paige Rowlands (also welcome back), was 6th in the U/16 age group. Sophie Coleman (O/23), yet another first timer, finished 26th and 5th in the O/45 age group.  A warm welcome to these and all other newcomers to cross country. We hope you stay, we certainly need you!

We have always had a lot of willing participants who jog or walk and finish further back in the race. So, thanks to Sharyn, newcomer, Molly Smith, Julie Pace, Anita Burgess, Anne McVilly, Suzanne Margetts, Zoe Rastall, Lynne Sansom and Margaret Horne. Notably, Zoe, Lynne and Margaret  were 4th, 5th and 6th in the new O/60 division showing that every effort helps and sometimes helps a lot.

Unfortunately, there was one top performance which was unrewarded. Emily finished in second place just ahead of Vanessa in the 3 km but did not get the result recorded. Otherwise, it was a great start to the season from Emily.

Ruth was our standout in the women’s 6 km taking second place to Ruby Smee who is unbeatable at present. Nat was 6th, finishing 1 second behind Kylie Smith and 2nd in the O/45 division. Caitlin Barnet looked in great form in taking 11th spot and 6th in the O/23s.

Steady efforts from Mary and Carol netted them 15th and 16th places but 1st and 2nd spots in the new O/60 Division. We saw a gritty effort from new member, Annalise Petersen, who finished 19th and gained the team a bonus point in the O/23s.

Women’s Interclub Competition Results -
Northern Suburbs 116, Eastern Suburbs 70, Sandy Bay 61, TMA 26, UTAS 16, OVA 5

In an excellent debut in the men’s 3 km, new U/16 member Freddie Smith, finished 5th and 3rd in his age division. Another promising effort came from Jamie McConnon who improved by over a minute on last season’s time, finishing 6th and top of the O/23 division. Henry Forbes followed closely behind in 6th place for the U/16s and 9th place went to Scott Barwick who was 5th in the O/45 division.

Gary Burgess 14th and Jayden Thornton 16th and 5th in their divisions, were good contributors and Dave O’Brien (O/45) managed 18th place in what looked to be a conservative run.
Tony in 21st spot, enjoyed the new O/60 division taking second place.  Ken was 23rd and 7th O/45 and Jonathon Nicholas finished just behind Ken in 25th place.

One of our longest serving members, Alan Coleman was the next club finisher in 29th place and 3rd in the new O/60 division, closely followed by Mike Place. 33rd place went to Will, now a familiar figure. Will was 2nd in the U/23 division so it was a valuable contribution. Further back, newcomer Colin Smith 35th, Fletch 38th and Cresser 39th also made their contributions on a demanding day.

From my position at the 3 km turn, the sight of Grant striding out on to Howrah Beach in the front of the field was familiar but ominously, he was shadowed by the talented Nick Earl. Coming back against the wind Nick prevailed by a narrow margin.
Paul came 12th, outlasting Sandy Bay runner Jarod Perry and Damon grafted 14th spot and 2nd in the O/45s. Newcomer Eliot Braham and longstanding member Martin Weitnauer finished 20th and 21st and Ben, now back in the top division took 23rd place.

A new member, Arden Petersen finished 26th running steadily in the difficult conditions and maintaining 5 minute /km pace. Well done!

Long standing members, James 28th, was followed by a trio Dom 31st Phil 32nd and new member Jeremy Barnett 33rd

Men’s Interclub Competition Results - 
Northern Suburbs 112, Sandy Bay 78, Eastern Suburbs 43, TMA 37, OVA 26, UTAS 21


Rd 2: At the Domain-Did we think it was going to be easy?
After our easy wins in round 1, we might have thought that the rest of the season would be a succession of easy victories. On Saturday, that notion was emphatically dispelled. Sandy Bay turned up with two very competitive teams. Our women’s team finished just 2 points ahead, but the men were not so lucky and succumbed by a solitary point.

Conditions were near-perfect for running on the Domain course which is almost wholly a downhill run followed by an uphill one.

Vanessa was once again our best performer in the women’s 4 km, finishing 3rd overall and not far away from the two leaders. Emily finished 5th in another good performance and Sarah came 7th, continuing her dominance of the O/23 division.

Any fan of ours watching would have to wait 5 minutes for our next finisher, Adele Lucas in 22nd place. However, the O/60s made a huge contribution with Adele 1st, Carol Bristow 2nd, (31st overall) and Zoe Rastall 3rd (39th overall). In the meantime, Anita Welsh took 22nd place, U/16 runner, Ella Nicholas came 30th, Renee Mitchell (a Froggy Wise Trophy winner from last year), finished 33, new member Sophie Coleman 35th and Sharyn Thorpe came in just behind Zoe in 40th place.

We got good support from Annalese, Paige, Tracey, Molly (one of our youngest members), Anne, Julie and Anita Burgess whose contribution turned out to be vital in the context of a very close contest.

The 8 km is pretty tough, but we had three hard workers competing with Ruth 2nd and well ahead of 3rd place, Nat 6th and 2nd O/45 and Caitlin 10th and 4th in the O/23 age group. 

Women’s Interclub Competition Results:
Northern Suburbs 86, Sandy Bay 84, Eastern Suburbs 59, TMA 32, OVA 9, UTAS 6

The men’s 4 km featured a spectacular tied time finish between Haney and the supremely talented Dejen Gebreselassie, now in Sandy Bay colours. Haney took 2nd spot with Dylan close behind in 3rd place, dominating in the U/23 division. However, most of the next few places went to well performed Sandy Bay runners until Jamie finished 14th and 4th O/23. Close behind, new member Freddie Smith 16th and Henry Forbes 18th also took 5th and 6th spots in the U/16 division.

Our runners began to arrive at regular intervals with Nicklas in 20th place, Scott 23rd, Brad Sansom in his first run this season 26th and Ben Hughes 28th.

U/16s Blake Hooker and Arden Petersen were next to arrive, finishing 30th and 32nd. Further back, Gary Burgess 33rd and Jayden Thornton 36th also contributed.

Todd Heffernan 37th, in his first run this season was the first of a O/60 trio which included Tony in 44th place and Alan in 50th place. Importantly they were 3rd, 4th and 5th in the O/60 division. Our other contributors included Ken 41st and Tim 42nd finishing close together, David Lucas 53rd, Colin Smith 54th and Cresser 56th.

I hope the onlooking fans were patient because it took another 12 minutes for me to finish, avoiding overall last place after a stirring battle with the lady with the pram.

Our top runners usually boost the score in the long race and this time we had Phil McConnon back and in good form, finishing second to and within sight of Nick Earl of UTAS. Mike Davis was also back taking 4th place and 1st in the O/45 division.

Jonathon Nicholas came 7th (6th O/23) and Paul (7th O/23) held off Damon (2nd O/45) to take 8th place after an epic battle on the hill.  Further back Martin 18th, James 20th and Jeremy 23rd worked hard to make their contributions.

Men’s Interclub Competition Results:
Sandy Bay 97, Northern Suburbs 96, Eastern Suburbs 41, UTAS  27, TMA 25, OVA 14


Rd 3: Kempton – A strong reply but it is not over yet
Showers threatened us for much of our time at Kempton but the most we got was a bit of a sprinkle while we were finishing off our coffee. Considering the travel factor, it was a good turnout and we saw some good times achieved on the quiet streets of the village.

After last week’s close results, it was good to see a surge in support from Northern Suburbs members, so much so, that both women’s and men’s teams enjoyed comfortable wins. Our closest rivals Sandy Bay could not muster the strength they showed at the Domain but next week, at the Gellibrand Drive venue, things may be very different.

Emily was our fastest in the women’s 4 km, finishing 5th behind Jemima Lennon and just 20 seconds behind. Vanessa came 7th and 3rd in the O/45s, and Sarah finished 9th, once again top in the O/23 group. Tania Rowlands took 13th place and 2nd, while Anita Welsh came in 20th to round out the top 3 O/23's. Adele again dominated the O/60s, finishing 19th around 3 ½ minutes ahead of the next in her division.

Ella Nicholas, Kristy Holmstrom and Jane Brooks finished in 25th, 26th and 28th places making useful contributions to the points score. Paige Rowlands came 33rd and then eight Northern Suburbs women finished successively in 35th to 42nd place. In this group, Tracey finished ahead of Wendy Meadowcroft who was making her season debut. They were followed by Julie, Anne, Sharyn (who sportingly gave everyone a few minutes start), Zoe Lockley in her season debut then Renee followed by Margaret. Zoe was 4th in the U/23s so got a good haul of bonus points.

Lynne who finished later and it is good to see that after years of hard work usually for a single participation point, she and Margaret are making a big difference in the newly formed O/60 division.

Ruth Wilson finished well ahead in the women’s 10 km perhaps appreciating the extra distance. Nat finished 3rd, 1st in the O/45 division in one of her most successful efforts.  Caitlin 8th, and new member Annalese 11th, both worked hard for over an hour and were rewarded with 3rd and 4th places in the O/23 division.

Women’s Interclub Competition Results:
Northern Suburbs 110, Sandy Bay 65, Eastern Suburbs 43, TMA 41, UTAS 5, OVA 4

Haney and Dylan got the men’s team off to a great start taking 1st and 2nd places in the men’s 4 km although Dylan had to hustle to beat UTAS runner Gabriel Dennison over the line. Josh Durno, in his first run of the season, finished 9th and 4th in the O/23s and Jamie McConnon came 13th and 5th in the O/23s. Brad Sansom and Damon were next to finish, Brad 6th O/23 and Damon 3rd O/45.

Our U/16s, Freddy Smith and Henry Forbes came in close together in 18th and 19th places and when Arden Petersen finished 25th, our U/16s had made a useful contribution in taking 5th, 6th and 7th places in the U/16 division.

In the meantime, Nicklas and Scott had secured 22nd and 23rd places with Scott 6th in the O/45s. Phil Hniat 26th took the next O/45 spot and our next finishers were Jayden 31st, Ken 34th and Tim 35th.

O/60 runners Al Coleman and Dave Lucas finished close together in 41st and 42nd spots, their efforts netting them 6th and 7th places in their division. Further back. Cressa,  still recuperating, finished 46th narrowly beating me by about 12 minutes.

The 10 km was dominated by Northern Suburbs runners who took six of the first seven places. In the absence of UTAS runner Nick Earl, Grant and Phil took an early lead, a familiar scenario a few years ago. Interestingly, Ruby Smee was using Grant for pacing in her bid to get a top time in the women’s 4 km.

Ultimately Grant and Phil took 1st and 2nd places and Mike Davis and Brett Mitchell finished next. 6th and 7th place went to veteran Mike Anderson and Paul Luttrell, both gaining bonus points. Further back, James grafted into 14th spot (6th O/23) and Jeremy was solid as usual coming 18th after just over an hour on the course.

Men’s Interclub Competition Results
Northern Suburbs 113, Sandy Bay 67, Eastern Suburbs 43, TMA 37, UTAS  21, OVA 6


Rd 4: Gellibrand Drive-too nice a day for a State election
The largest field of the season gathered at the Mortimer Bay Reserve on a perfect autumn day. The course was dry and in its best condition although it has many hazards for the unwary and at least one fall was recorded in this event.

The women’s team maintained its winning form although it was strongly challenged by the Sandy Bay side. Northern Suburbs fielded its largest men’s team of the season and with many of its top runners competing, achieved a comfortable win.

Four U/16 girls lead the field in the women’s 4.65 km, with Emily amongst them in 3rd place, Vanessa was our next finisher, in 5th place and 1st in the O/45s, and strongly challenging Imogen Lennon for 4th place. Sarah took 11th place and 3rd O/23 and Tania Rowlands 17th, held off three other O/23s in finishing 4th in the division.

Our O/60s won most of the other bonus points. Here Adele reigns supreme, at least so far, this time finishing 26th and well ahead in her division. Lynne and Margaret were late finishers but took out 3rd and 6th places in the O/60s. This race had a sting in its tail with the last four finishers, all from the O/60 division, earning 18 competition points.

In the meantime, others made their contributions, and all were important in a narrow win. Angela Proposch 25th, Kristy Holmstrom 31st, were followed further back by Paige and Sharyn 39th and 40th finishing just 2 seconds apart.

Wendy and Anita Burgess came 48th and 49th and later, Jane, Zoe and Julie took spots 51 to 53 with Zoe 3rd in the sparse U/23 division. Anne McVilly walked with Lynne setting a brisk pace.

With the City to Casino coming up, the women’s 9.30 km proved popular. Ruby and Anna Smee, a daughter and mother combination dominated taking 1st and 2nd places. Ruth finished 5th but 1st O/23 holding off Sandy Bay runner Anita McGuinness over the long haul.

Nat took 7th spot and 3rd in the O/45s and Caitlin11th and 3rd O/23.

Carol Bristow finished 13th and top in the O/60s once again showing how important our O/60s are in the success of the team.

Women’s Interclub Competition Results
Northern Suburbs 97, Sandy Bay 86, Eastern Suburbs 66, TMA 34, OVA 12, UTAS 9

Haney and Dylan once again set the pace in the men’s short race taking 1st and 2nd places with both having  great seasons. Paul, in the short race for once, was an instant success finishing 10th and 2nd to Chris Sullivan in the O/23 division. Our top U/16 Freddie Smith was next and came 5th in the strong U/16 division.

Jamie, continued to make an impact this season, coming 13th and 4th in the O/23s. Our next to finish was Henry 15th and 6th in the U/16s and getting support from Blake Hooker 24th and 7th U/16. Blake was just 10 seconds ahead of another of our consistent U/16s, Arden Petersen.

In the meantime, Scott Barwick 18th and 4th O/45 finished just ahead of Nick Cox, Nick is back running for us after some years, and made a good contribution taking 4th spot in the U/23s.

The last half of the field seemed crammed with Northern Suburbs runners, Brad 21st, Gary 27th, Todd 29th and Dom 33rd all won bonus points for us and later veterans, Tony 38th and Al 45th took 6th and 7th places in the O/60 division. Our other finishers included Jayden, Jeremy, David Lucas, Mike Pace, Cresser and me. Will Vandersluys 51st was also in this part of the field finishing 5th in the U/23 division.

We enjoyed a strong presence in the men’s 9.30 km with Grant and Phil once again way out ahead. Mike Davis topped the O/45 division to finish 4th just 3 seconds behind Brad Kitto from Sandy Bay Club.  Mike Anderson came in 7th securing second spot in the O/45s and Damon finished 10th and 3rd O/45. Brett Mitchell finished just ahead of Damon to take 7th spot in the strong O/23 division. Further back, we got good support from the later finishers Elliot Braham 15th, Ben 18th and James 20th. Phil Hniat battled into 21st place and was rewarded with 7th spot in the O/45s.

Men’s Interclub Competition Results
Northern Suburbs 131 Sandy Bay 85, Eastern Suburbs 42, TMA 24, UTAS 17, OVA 11