Cross Country Premiership

Congratulations to our Men's and Women's team on winning the 2021 Athletics South Winter Premierships.

September 30, 2019

NSAC Wins Winter Premiership

What a way to finish off the 2021 Cross Country Season - both the NSAC men and women winning their premierships.  It is such a great celebration of all the contributions each and every member makes each week.  We hope you all enjoyed your season, and achieved all you set out to do.

A huge congratulations to the following NSAC members who achieved outstanding individual results for the winter season.

Athletics South Athlete of the Year

Men: 1st Haney Mokonen, 2nd Phil McConnon, 3rd Dylan Burnett

Women: 2nd Ruth Wilson

Athletics South Most Improved - Arden Petersen

Athletics South Consistency Award

Under 16: 3rd Arden Petersen

Under 23: 1st Haney Mokonen, 2nd Dylan Burnett

Over 23: 1st Phil McConnon, 2nd Grant Page

Over 45: 3rd Michael Anderson


Under 16: 3rd Emily Best

Under 23: 3rd Zoe Lockley

Over 23: 1st Ruth Wilson, 3rd Sarah Holmstrom

Over 45 2nd Vanessa Kearney, 3rd Natalie Davis

Over 60 1st Adele Lucas, 2nd Carol Bristow