Need a coach? We can help you find an athletics coach to guide you on your athletic journey.  

What a coach can provide

If you are keen to improve your performances and learn new skills then finding a coach and joining a training squad is a great alternative.

In Hobart the coaching environment is very collegial and many welcome athletes from other clubs to their squad. Training with others in a team environment provides motivation and support and will enable you to really enjoy athletics.

Ken Atkinson is our Coaching Coordinator and is an excellent contact to discuss your athletic aspirations. Ken has been a passionate member of Northern Suburbs for over 30 years and is a Level 3 Advanced Event Group Coach.

NSAC Coaches

Here are some further details about club members who are athletic coaches.

Ken Atkinson

Former high level runner including sprints and middle distance.

Level 3 Advanced Event Coach specialising in middle/long distance.

Phone 0407 877 165


Simon Bennett

Former elite jumper and Tasmanian representative.

Level 2A accredited coach specializing in sprints and jumps.

Athletics coaching with a strong emphasis on technique and long term athlete development.

Phone: 0488 040 508



Josh Mason

Josh is a former state representative in both High Jump & Multi Events, is an accredited strength & conditioning coach and certified L4 fitness coach.

Specialist speed, agility and strength training from beginner to advanced athletes. Ages 10 year+

Training for high, long & triple jumps, sprints and hurdles.

Phone: 0429 952 516



Brandon Clark

Brandon excels at the long and triple jump where he has represented Tasmania and competed at National and Oceania championships.  

Brandon is Level 2 coach and coaches sprints and the horizontal jumps.

Phone: 0428 358 089



Ready to get started in your athletic journey?

At Northern Suburbs Athletic Club, we are a family orientated athletics club that supports athletes of all abilities and recognise their achievements. 

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